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South Georgia stands alone in the path of relentless storms and high winds in the South Atlantic Ocean. It’s the final resting place of famed explorer Ernest Shackleton and a place whose savage beauty has captivated wilderness guide and expedition leader Hayley Shephard for more than 10 years.

SOUL OF THE SEA follows Hayley, a 40-year old New Zealand-born Canadian, pursuing her dream to solo kayak around South Georgia in crashing waves and treacherous seas to bring awareness to an endangered seabird - the albatross.

A story of solitary endurance, passion and survival, it’s an intimate look at one woman’s quest to find her place in the world.

Shot against the dramatic backdrop of rugged peaks and stunning glaciers, trumpeting penguins and an abundance of wildlife, SOUL OF THE SEA examines what exploration means today and why bearing witness in extreme places is vital to our contemporary world.

How far would you go for a dream?